Picture: covid vaccination in Cuba, picture of a medical professional vaccinating a Cuban man

opinion by James M. Branum

The following statistics (as of Dec. 8, 2021) are critical to compare: USA:

  • COVID infections: 49,422,567 (14.9% of the population)
  • COVID deaths: 788,903 (0.2% of the population)
  • Population: 331,449,281


  • COVID infections: 963,347 (8.6% of the population)
  • COVID deaths: 8,311 (0.07% of the population)
  • Population: 11,181,595

To put it in another light, the average US American is 1.7 times more likely to be infected with COVID-19 and is 2.9 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than the average Cuban.